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10 December 2011

In Winter Wonderland and Snowflakes

In the last week of November, I was off to Hokkaido, the northernmost island of Japan. This was my second time to Japan after Tokyo many years back, and I anticipated a totally different experience. I was not disappointed. In fact this is the first time I saw snow!

Well, I'll tell you more about my Hokkaido trip in another post... (haha, such a teaser).

I really want to show you the snowflakes I tatted. Besides Julie's snowflake which was in the previous post, I tatted some snowflakes designed by Decoromana and le Flocon Frivole by Frivole. They were all easy to tat up and I was having a ball of a time. I used a variety of threads ranging from #20 to #100.

I also made use of these snowflakes in the various items I made.

Fabric ATCs

Speaking of ATCs, this month at the local ATC meet, our organiser Moses shared a technique in making ATCs. Watercolours were used to paint the little squares in creating a pretty visual.

Two samples he showed us...

Look at the creative pieces the participants made!

And this is my piece.


  1. Hi, Val!

    I am emailing as your blog will not let me comment!

    Nice to see you in such a lovely picture - all white and colourful, and you, looking pretty in the front!

    Tatting looks terrific and your duck is so whimsical! Love it!
    Fox : )

  2. Thanks for emailing me, Fox.

    Sorry, folks, Blogger is acting up a.g.a.i.n. DUH...

  3. Oh, your duck is wonderful! What a great color combination!

    And all your snowflakes are absolutely gorgeous. So delicate and perfect, like the real things.

    Glad to hear you enjoyed Hokkaido. It's a winter wonderland!

  4. I really hope my comment will post. Just dropping by to say I love the tatted snowflakes you have shown here.


  5. The snowflakes are lovely! Merry Christmas!


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