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~ Walt Disney

22 February 2012

A Dachshund and A Goat

This is Martha's picture of a Dachshund in More Critters on the Block.
And my tatted Dachshund.

Hmmm... now I'm puzzled as to why the orientation is different. ROFLOL

Next I have Jane Eborall's goat (called OG!). The pattern is here.

I asked Jane if I'll get a prize for sending the #100th goat.


  1. Careful what you wish for Val... perhaps you will wake up to find a LIVE one from Jane chewing on your door!
    Fox : ))

  2. Fox, I wish for a real goat! Really... LOL Tks! ;p

  3. Aaaah! I'm really loving your tatted critters. The dachshund is too adorable. And I don't think I have ever loved crocs as much as yours!


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