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19 February 2012

More Crocs

Just happen to feel like tatting more crocodiles (or alligators).

Pattern by Martha Ess in More Critters on the Block
The one on the bottom left was an experimental piece from thread equivalent to #50, "confiscated" from DH's old military stash. He'd wanted to discard the thread and I saved it!

The two larger ones are tatted from Lisbeth Medium Leaf Green #40 I'd just bought. These crocs are nice and easy to tat up.


  1. That is so funny; the thread is a terrific colour!

    I am not a huge fan of animal tatting, but I always enjoy seeing your critter creations and I am amused by this croc pattern. Very nice!
    Fox : )

  2. Your tatted crocs are just sooo cute!

  3. Must have a go at this pattern, your crocs are lovely, good for you resucing the thread.

  4. I like these crocs, and the colours are perfect.


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