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~ Walt Disney

16 February 2012

A Hedgehog and A Croc

Well, almost.
I tatted a hedgehog yesterday and I totally adore it.

What happened today? The croc was close to finishing and the shuttle thread gave way! SOB... Will have to re-tat this tomorrow.

Both patterns are designed by Martha Ess, in New Critters on the Block and More Critters on the Block which arrived two days ago. I love the critters in these books!


  1. Don't you just hate that!!! It is a cute little croc - looking forward to seeing the next one...
    Fox : )

  2. Oh yah - the little hedgehog - absolutely delightful!
    Fox ; )

    (mind like a sieve!)

  3. AWWWWW!!! These are adorable! The croc is quite beautiful. But that hedgehog! Aaaaah, so cute!


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