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~ Walt Disney

13 February 2012

In The Mood For

Tatted Hearts.
Clover Drop Heart by Nancy Tracy @Be-Stitched.com
Heart O' Daisies by Teri Dusenbury
Outside In Heart by Jane Eborall

And to all my blogging friends,
Happy Valentines' Day!


  1. And to you, Val!

    LOVE that Teri Dusenbury heart - her patterns elude me. I cannot follow them, but admire her style. Nice work.
    Fox : )

  2. Nice hearts! Happy Valentine's to you, too.

  3. All three are perfectly tatted and look great in red! Teri's patterns were groundbreaking back in the mid-'90s, as she re-introduced the 'lost' split-ring technique and took tatting designs in a whole new direction because of it!

    PS: I always get a kick out of seeing your cute white teddy bear!


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