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28 June 2012

Meeting Sally

Finally I got to meet a tatter from a distant land in person! You would have guessed it's Sally Kerson of Tat's Heaven, and you could have seen her post about visiting Singapore too. We met and had a really great time chatting, shopping, trying some local food and even went to a night spot.
Let's begin with the food...
A local mango sago dessert that I enjoy. Sally thinks it's refreshing.

Our Chinese fare consists of a combination meat dish of roasted pork, barbeque pork and soya sauce chicken; stir fried kai lan and seafood fried rice.

Here's Sally, posing for a quick picture before tucking into the dessert.
We shopped for our favourite craft supplies (and you can see this on Sally's post), and after dinner, we went to The Fullerton Heritage area, which covers The Fullerton Hotel Singapore, The Fullerton Waterboat House, The Merlion Park and One Fullerton, The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore and Customs House. This precinct is rich with Singapore's history from the time of the landing of Stamford Raffles.

And some night shots...

The Marina Bay Sands hotel and casino, complete with brand-name shops, cinema, a museum and even a SkyPark shaped like a boat on the rooftop of the 3 buildings.
Sally and I with the famous Merlion, Singapore's mascot, in the background. 
Of course, time flies when the conversation's good, but we had to call it a day as it was getting late. Sally must be tired out from a whole afternoon of walking and in the hot Singapore weather!

I accompanied Sally back to the hotel and there was 'im in the garage, "loitering" around the entrance to the hotel. He must have become worried and decided to wait for his dear wife downstairs. But luck was on my side, I got to meet him in person!

'im in the garage and I
It was indeed a most exciting and memorable day for me. Thanks for taking the time to meet me, Sally! More about surprises from Sally in the next post. Stay tuned.

*For the full story, please see Sally's post of 18 Jun.
** All the pictures were taken with the smartphone I bought 2 days before this, and it served us well. The most challenging shot had to be that of Sally and I trying to get both of us into the frame with the Merlion! And this we managed without even getting to see ourselves in the screen.


  1. But you two left me at home feeling very left out and jealous!!!! Seriously - thank you for looking after my little sister and I'm glad you met 'im in the garage too.

  2. sounds like a fun time.
    looking forward to more about the trip from both you and Sally.

  3. Gosh all this seems a distant memory, but a lovely one.
    I was looked after so well by you Val and reading all that we did reminds me of how much we packed in during the afternoon and evening.
    Your new phone was a challenge but the pictures are great.


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