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~ Walt Disney

30 June 2012

Upgraded Comfort

Remember Frosty? Well, I wanted this bear to sit on my dad's car dashboard but it was quite a wobbly ride. Not a very good idea lest he gets thrown out of the window!

So, I decided to make him a comfortable seat and added valcro to the bottom so the bear can sit securely (fitted on the dashboard)!

And to give you an idea of its size, here's Frosty posing with my 9" Sleepy Head.

There you go! Ready for rides with my daddy, Frosty?


  1. Oh, he's SOOOO cute and SOOOOO tiny. How on earth did you make him in the first place? Love his seat too. You're a very clever lass.

  2. very cute Val. little bears are sweet, and that looks like a very good idea.

  3. Could do with a new sofa, perhaps you can make one!!!
    So now Frosty will be able to have a very comfortable car ride now.

  4. I also can't imagine how you make these bears! So cute! I'm glad he has a comfy chair to sit in and keep him safe!


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