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~ Walt Disney

26 October 2012

It's Ready!

I finished the first prototype. Not sure it's the best. Can't label it a snowflake, perhaps a motif. Looks somewhat incomplete to me. Maybe it needs another row so it doesn't look like it's hanging. Maybe. I love the hearts. They are the most well formed hearts in my tatting "career". LOL

Tatted in #20 Kimono thread, Peacock Blue.
Size: 5.5 cm x 5 cm.
Do share your thoughts with me. And, yes, it hasn't got a name yet! Any suggestions?

I'm working on a variation of this and I'll unveil that tomorrow. Till then.

Post blog: Thanks, Fox, for suggesting a name to this motif!


  1. Hearts-A-Hangin'

    : ))

    It is really pretty and the shapes are perfect!


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