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27 October 2012


So I tweaked the pattern -- both in the stitch count as well as the look of the outer row, not to mention adding beads to it!

Tatted in #20 Flora, Navy Blue, plus iridescent #11 delica seed beads.

Of course this is not the only possibility. The number of repeats of the hearts could be anything between 2 and 10! I must say I'm pretty happy with this motif now. Have to now think of a name for it, as is the tradition. (My brain cells are getting a little hyper being worked so hard. LOL)

I have to confess one thing though: I added the beads because I saw how Fox's motifs and pendants turned out so much more refined with beads. Thanks, Fox, for the inspiration. Although, I do have to say that I have an inherent fear of using beads in tatting.

I really had a lot of fun designing something around this 10-point doodad. Was challenging but I'm glad I did it. I'm probably not going to stop here, as I found more doodads (but in a craft store, of course!). OK, I'll leave you now with these...


  1. I love your design! It's so pretty!
    I have loads of little doodad type items laying around that I could use. Maybe one day I will have the time to utilize them :o)

  2. VaL, this is a terrific design!
    Fox : ))

  3. Good job. I like the addition of beads. Those interesting looking doodads will keep you busy, I look forward to seeing what else you come up with.

  4. The design has really worked well, and now you have got the bug to make more. Oh yes I can imagine you in those amazing Singapore craft shops.
    I'm going to visit China Town next year again.

  5. Both pendants are excellent designs, although this one is the more 'symmetrical' and a nice balance for a 10-sided doodad. The beads also are a nice addition! I love the color of thread and again, your 'hearts' are so perfectly done. Looks like you'll be fairly busy with your new doodads! All of a sudden there seem to be more of them showing up in the stores! I don't think the stores have any idea that tatters are searching all over for them! I have yet to design my own motif around one, but I have lots to choose from right now!


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