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~ Walt Disney

24 January 2013

The New Waterfront: Marina Bay and a Giveaway

The office gave a lunch a couple of days ago and the best part of it was really the view! We were on the 33rd level of the Marina Bay Finance Centre overseeing the 'new' waterfront that's known as Marina Bay.

A panoramic view of the Marina Bay waterfront, which used to be the sea!

If you are wondering about the 'strange' black edges, well, this image has been 'stitched together' using an app I downloaded on my mobile phone. Just trying it out anyway... The picture is really made up from 6 images. How clever?!

On a different note, La Chaumiere des Ours is having a giveaway. Do check out the sweetie Lizzy here.


  1. Hi Val,
    What a fantastic view! Cool app.

  2. Agree a fantastic view , and one I'm not likely to see on my next visit!
    Also so clever the way you have done it with the app.


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