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~ Walt Disney

25 January 2013

TIAS Day 5

Almost halfway there, Jane says, as there are 11 parts to this year's TIAS. For Day 5, there are some lock chains, and I'm doing these for the first time. Pretty cool. I like the duo-colour effect when using two-colour threads. Also, the chains are not as stiff as they can sometimes be with conventional ones.

My guess is it will be a viking ship!


  1. I love your viking ship Val - very clever!

  2. My new FAVORITE guess! Oooh, I wish, I wish, I wish it might be a Viking Ship. Wouldn't it be grand if we tatted a Viking Ship and flying high above it in the sky was a Minor Norwegian Dragon? Hee, hee, hee...

  3. If it isn't a Viking ship, it sure has the beginnings of one! Wonderful blending of the images in exact proportions!

    And that photo of Marina Bay in your prior post is spectacular! We used to do that with actual photographs, and although interesting, it certainly wasn't seamless! Amazing what can be done electronically today!


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