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19 February 2013

Heart-to-Heart Bookmark

From The Jessica Rose bookmark here yesterday, I saw the potential of the individual 'petals' turning into gorgeous little hearts. With left-over thread (some three-quarter of a yard), I improvised a tiny bit and tatted my first little heart-to-heart bookmark. Then more came into being.

I love these. They are fast to tat up, and will use these up (soon)! I already have another idea on how to make use of these little helpers in another project. Very pleased indeed. Love those 'dimpled rings'.

In case you might want to tat some, the following is what I did:

Start by tatting a couple of ds round the top of a paperclip, while holding on to the loose end of the thread. Then tat the 'dimpled ring': 6, 4x first half of ds, 4x second half of ds, 6, cl ring. (Hide the loose end of the thread within this ring as you tat, if you like.) After this, tat the next ring using the same stitch counts, followed by another couple of ds to secure the heart on the other side of the paperclip. Hide end.

If you like to have the hearts 'stick' to each other, have a vsp between the last 6 ds (so it's 3 vsp 3) before closing first ring, and begin the second ring with 3 + 3, then continue with the rest of the stitches.

Hope the above makes sense. Have fun!


  1. Sweet, and a good way of using up small bits of thread.

  2. oh fun, how fanatastic and easy! Thanks Val.

  3. Just darling! Learning to do tatting is on my bucket list. I even have a old tatting thingy. Just don't know how to use it yet. LOL

    thanks for entering my giveaway and best of luck
    Hugs Lynn

  4. Yikes, I accidentally deleted God's Kid's comment... I'm copying this from my email.

    "Very sweet! :)"


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