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17 February 2013

Rose Bookmarks

I became fascinated with small bookmarks that I could use with my little books, and two caught my eye as I was running through ideas for them. Tatted roses!

(From left) The Jessica Rose by Sharren Sarver Morgan; Flower Paperclip by Marie Smith. Both tatted in #20 threads.
I think they are pretty, sitting on top of the paper clips, peeping slightly over the pages.
Here you go  ̶  a close up of the lovely roses.
 P.S. Thanks, Georgia, for helping me to interpret the pattern with The Jessica Rose.


  1. how perfect! I like that-peeping over the pages- as though beckoning you to come for more reading pleasure.....

  2. A comment from God's Kid which I'd accidentally deleted. Sorry.

    "Really neat!!! :)"


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