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~ Walt Disney

19 January 2014

Start of a Wonderful Year with these Graceful Ballerinas

Pattern by Jane Eborall, Katrina Ballerina, #20 Flora thread
Dear Friends,

Life's great and several things have come into my routine, which I'm not complaining about, and these have taken me away from blogging (for a while ). I hope you'd missed me, because I missed blogging and checking each and every one of your blog posts. (Only managed to take a quick peep at times.)

2014 is an AWESOME year. It's a year that is full of love, joy, good health, and prosperity. This is my wish for you. Happy New Year!

Live your passion,


  1. Glad to see you again! The ballerinas are lovely, they must be for someone special.

  2. So glad you are back. You were missed. What a wonderful new year wish. I have a feeling that 2014 will be a good year too.

  3. Sounds very interesting! Hope you have a marvellous year, Val!

    These are very whimsical. Nice colour as well.
    Fox : )


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