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23 January 2014

Stegosaurus Fun!

The latest F U N items I tatted are a "trisome" of Stegosaurus! I was looking for something interesting to tat, and found Martha Ess' books on block tatting. That same day, I caught a glimpse of Umintsuru's post. She tatted one of these! What a nice coincidence?!
This is what I found out about the Stegosaurus (source Wikipedia):
Stegosaurus means roofed lizard or covered lizard. These giants lived during the Late Jurassic period (some 500 to 150 million years ago), in western North America, but also in Europe, where remains were later discovered too. They are one of the most easily recognisable due to their distinctive back plates and tail spikes.
Interestingly, although heavily built, standing up to 4 metres tall and 9 metres in length (the size of a bus!), a Stegosaurus eats plants (yes, it's a herbivore!) -- ferns, conifers, fruits, mosses, etc. One lizard could weigh up to 5,000 kilogrammes!
A Stegosaurus had a heavily rounded back, short forelimbs, head held low to the ground and a stiffened tail held high in the air. It has been speculated that the spikes were used during fighting, while the plates were used to defend itself. Comparatively, the dinosaur had a relatively low-brain-to- body-mass ratio. It was thought that the animal was not very smart. In fact, because of the stumpy legs, a Stegosaurus cannot walk very fast -- only up to about 6 to 7 kilometres per hour.
I have intentions for these three "creatures", two of which will be bookmarks, and one will be a ... (perhaps a keyring, a pendant, a zipper pull, and the list goes on).

The best thing about these tatted gigantic lizards: they don't bite! Not at all!
Have a good day!


  1. Hi Val!

    My son loved everything about dinosaurs when he was little - no wait! He still loves everything about them...and he is a kid no more. : ))

    Interesting post and super cute dinosaur.
    Fox : )

  2. These are really cute and cheerful!

  3. They are really lovely - but I was particularly struck by the thread, such a great colour


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