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11 February 2014

Again, Again, Again

I find that there are some patterns that I really like to tat, but the first couple of attempts would turn out quite 'disastrous' and, this happened to be one of those. I wasn't happy with the gaps between the rings and chains being uneven; some larger than the other (repeats). The first attempt, below, was promptly abandoned.

The second, as you can see, seemed to be worse. Urgh... You'd probably predicted it's fate too!

The third attempt seemed more acceptable, but I'm still not too happy with the way it turned out. Have another go? I wonder how the other tatters deal with such 'disappointments'.

Birdcage by Mary Konior in Tatting in Lace


  1. Val, you are just too hard on yourself. I had to look up mine to see what you were talking about. Mine is way worst than your first motif. Love the colours in the first. Is it Lizbeth?

  2. Deal with tatting disappoints, um not very well Val, mainly because of the valuable time I have wasted! Well done with perservering, certainly worth it, a very pretty design.

  3. Well I would've been happy with all of those. I don't notice things like that - it's the overall finished piece that takes my attention. Your tatting is SOOOO neat too.

  4. Wow, such perseverance! The third is better than the sample win the book!

  5. Hi Val, I too have tatted Birdcage by Mary Konior and it is very difficult to make it completely even all around! I still think you should be pretty happy with your attempts though (even the ones you ditched!). That pink one look very good to me. And I would definitely also complete the blue/green version (lovely thread, what is it?).

  6. Perfection is something we strive for, yet very seldom obtain. I think the 3rd attempt looks quite even. The first looks pretty good, maybe a bit of blocking would square it up, and I would finish it. I do see the issue with the darker 2nd attempt.
    I like the colors in the first one very much.

  7. How do other deal with such disappointments? Profanity comes to mind. But, persistence is a better response.
    One thing I have begun doing with almost any group of chains is to connect them with a CWJ instead of a regular shuttle join. That way, the core thread can be adjusted all the way around. It makes attaching the next level a little more difficult, but still possible.
    I think your tatting is beautiful. I think we are all too critical of our own work.

    1. Thanks for suggesting the CWJ as a possible solution. I have heard of it, but have not tried using this technique. Perhaps I will give it a shot when I start my next motif. :)

  8. Very pretty motifs! The variegated blue green is my favorite.
    Happy Tatting

  9. I like all three, but the first one is my favorite. I understand what you're saying, but like the others, I think you're being too hard on yourself. Your tatting is beautiful!

  10. Thanks for all your lovely comments. I thought most people would be bothered with the irregular 'holes' left in the tatting!
    The first motif was tatted with Lisbeth #40 Countryside. I love this colourway very much myself. :)

  11. Oh yes! I am sorry you are so critical with yourself, BUT I completely understand! Most of us tatters do. : )

    Love the pattern and quite frankly the pink one - and even the top one look pretty good to me. Love that Countryside....I have never used it.

    Your tatting is indeed beautiful with its consistent little stitches. I wonder if we will see #4 of these Birdcages... : ))

  12. I like all tree, your tatting is wonderful


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