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~ Walt Disney

13 February 2014

Jane's Flurry Heartache

I like Jane's Flurry Heartache (a motif she named thus because it gave her some 'heartache' designing it!) and what she did with the pieces she tatted. They gave the earring/ring boxes a nice touch and finish.

Here's my version of the motif. I, too, experienced some minor 'heartache' in the beginning tatting it. LOL It was, nonetheless, a delightful little piece. Did someone say it's the season for tatting hearts?

Tatted in Lisbeth #40 Red Burst and Milford #40 Black


  1. Das ist ein hübsches Herz.

    Lieben Gruß Cornelia

  2. So pretty, Val!

    I am thrilled to see you posting again. - means you are tatting more?

    Hope you are well and thriving.
    xxoo. Fox. : )


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