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20 February 2014

Ring Issue Resolved

I read on Frivole's post about how her adding of another 2nd ds to a ring before closing it actually helped to give it a better shape, and re-opening a ring was much easier with this additional 'step'. I tried it when tatting this heart that also appears on the same post.

Susan's One Shuttle Heart using Lisbeth #40 Red Burst
I noticed that when I added a 2nd ds to the last stitch before closing the rings, the rings came together neatly, and proved all the advantages that Frivole mentioned. Thank you, Frivole, for sharing this 'technique'.
I promptly tatted another heart, and am totally comfortable with working in another 2nd ds.

Tatted with Flora #20 Pink
Beside these, I have completed Jane Eborall's TIAS 2014 challenge. It's a sailboat! I was a little naughty in telling Jane I didn't believe it's a sailboat just the day before the final reveal, and she panicked. Got'cha there, Jane! TIAS 2014 was fun!

Tatted in Flora #20 Medium Blue and Maroon


  1. Your sailboat is fabbo! Love the colours The pink heart is perfectly tatted. Beautiful.

    Yes, I am really enjoying adding that ds as well! It makes a huge difference, I think.
    Fox : )

  2. My finger was too fat for the publish button, and it deleted a comment from Jane McLellan. She says,

    I meant to use Frivole's technique on my current tatting project, but I kept forgetting! I'll have to do something like your heart and concentrate on putting in the extra half stitch each time.


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