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~ Walt Disney

08 March 2014

Tat My Letters

Signed up for a typography class last weekend, organised by the National Library of Singapore, and was introduced to how typefaces originated, as well as the anatomy of letters. Very interesting. When it came to hands on, participants were asked to design our own typefaces based on a purpose. I started doodling...

Naturally I attempted to incorporate tatting in my typefaces! Not too happy with the formations yet, so will continue to improve on these a bit more. Who knows, I might just have a winning set of fonts in time to come!
Now prior to attending the class, I took to browsing the tatted alphabet patterns that tatters have come up with. There was no particular favourite, but I found this set designed by Gillian Buchanan, and worked on a few alphabets. They are quick to tat up. I may use these again somewhere else. ;P

Tatted in Milford #40 Light Brown
Hope you are having a great weekend.

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