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~ Walt Disney

13 December 2009

Then Another

My next snowflake... Same pattern as this one here but in different colours. A friend who saw it commented that it's the colours of the American flag. This snowflake's made in Flora #50, Colour 911 (that's what it says on the label!). I'm not sure these colours are suitable for a snowflake. *-)

On another note, my second InTatter's Secret Santa Xmas Exchange package has arrived! Woohoo! Like the first one, I didn't hesitate to open it! Inside the bubble pack, I found 2 sachets—one white and the other red. I untied the white sachet first and reached into it to retrieve my presents... then I did for the red. I was totally blown away by the generosity of my Secret Santa! And the next thought that came to my head? "Did she read my mind?" Every item she gifted I love! Thank you very much, Bev J Davis! I think Bev has been following my blog and perhaps even comments I made at our fellow bloggers'. :)

Have a good weekend.


  1. Your snowflake tatted in Flora's patriotic (red, white and blue) colorway is stunning!

    It would be perfect for anyone who appreciates Americana-themed items. I know a few folks who put up Americana-themed (3 or 4-foot) trees.

    Also, this would make an impressive dresser scarf or table cloth by repeating the motifs into a larger shape.

    Great job!

    And your Secret Santa goodies are to die for!

  2. hehehe yes, I searched your blog for hints as to what you might like. I had ever so much more, but we were limited to an envelope. :>( I have so much fun filling SS packages; especially if I know some of the things a tatter wishes for. It was certainly my pleasure to be your SS! hugs, BJ

    PS my last name is spelled plain old Davis...LOL


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