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26 June 2011

Edging Accomplished

Ahh, bliss. I've finally completed tatting my hanky edging and sewed it on. Looks good I think.

Why did I take so long to finish this? Well, the usual... had to retro-tat quite a bit because I keep miscounting, and the thread's rather tiny (#70!). That is one reason I feel the project is quite an accomplishment. By my standard temperament, I could have already thrown out the edging and ditched the idea a long time back, but it being my first tatted edging, I kept my cool and continued till the end.

Went looking for some hankies to tat more edgings (didn't I tell you this is addictive?!) last week and found two. Will probably start peeking in books for more patterns now that the first hanky is done. Meanwhile, I tried another pattern for fun and to sample its size...

Leaf Braid in Tatting with Visual Patterns by Mary Kornior
Hmm, not sure I like the variegated thread for edgings...

Anyhow, hope you've had a good weekend.


  1. Trying again!! Not sure if my comment went through so here goes again. I wanted to say what a stunning hanky the white one is with that crisp white edging. I love it. Makes me want to do a white one now!!!

  2. It turned out beautifully! Well worth the wait.


  3. I'm not quite sure when you started this edging, but it was already very impressive a few weeks ago when you said you were half-way done.

    I'm impressed how the corner exactly meets at the cloverleaf! This is beautifully done, and worth the 'patience'. I have rarely tatted with thread above size 50, so I admire you skill to work with it. In the meantime, you have done other things, so I think you tatted this pretty quickly!

  4. It's lovely! Crisp, understated, and I love the pattern.

  5. Wow Valerie! That is beautiful. An amazaing amount of work - and a treasure as well!


  6. Congrats Val!! It is a simply beautiful edging and compliments the hanky very well.

  7. Congratulations. Your hanky looks beautiful.

  8. That is just beautiful! What a nice job! I need to make some more hanky edgings! WOW!


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